verb, to steal. Old Dublin word, and not a corruption of the 'other one'!
Let's go to the orchard and feck a few apples.
by Gerry Doyle July 26, 2002
A merging of the words 'face' and 'neck' to describe someone who has little or no chin/jawline definition.

People with fecks have faces that literally appear to merge straight into their necks.
Poor Sally was sad because she had a feck.
by Cassandra Nilsson August 02, 2007
from old Scots or Irish - literally 'effect' - has fallen out of use in this context, but is a the origin of the word 'feckless'
these drugs have yet to have a feck
by PenhaligonBlue May 17, 2005
often misused as a substitute for the word 'fuck' this word is used to specify a large quantity
a feck of books
jaysus, thats a feck of lies
by Just Crusty June 27, 2005
a mild, more socially acceptable form of the famed "F" word. Commonly used in online forums and such.
"Feck off!"
"What the feck?"
by Adustus November 12, 2004
slang for the word "f*ck."
Ex. 1 "What the feck?"

Ex. 2 "I could give a good feck."
by Mike Hoffshire October 16, 2005
a less rude substitute for the word fuck
go feck yourself
by chris cuthbert February 09, 2004
As well as being an intentional alternative to the word fuck, people with extremely noticable California accents say the word "fuck" in a way that comes out more like "feck."
Oh feck, man, the waves are like totally non-surfable today dude.
by bohemian September 20, 2006

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