(v.), (n.) a word relating to feces, also occasionally used in place of "fart". All used as an action, ex. "i have to fece", "i just went fece", "did you just fece?". Also in noun form used in place of feces in a comical nature by the immature, such as I.
(v.)"i went fece!" (n.)"is that fece?"
by the fece-man cometh April 25, 2007
The solid, brown (I hope) stuff that is excreted by every living animal (save for George Dubblya. Hasn't dropped a loaf since '89!)
Man 1: You feces head!
by Doctor Gorby May 05, 2007
Means poo poo, but can also be baby mice.
I heard they found feces in the boys locker room...

What are feces?

Baby Mice!

by Danno April 06, 2005
When something bad happens
That Cubs loss was feces.
Antonymn: fecal
That Cubs victory was fecal
by Jubbernaut June 08, 2004
adj. (pron. fees); a word which means nasty, disgusting, or unnatural. Most likely a derivative of feces. Also spelled feece or feese.
"Get your shirt back on, Santa! That's fece!"

"Ew. This movie is fece."

"Hate to break it to you, but that outfit is fece."
by knightshade May 07, 2006
the front of the human head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear
Say that again and i'll slap you in the fece
by Young 1 April 16, 2008
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