Feces smells bad but actually tastes quite good.
by kwang June 04, 2003
that gross fuckin stuff that comes out your ass crack
The baby just splattered feces all over your damn face!!
by Spider Monkey Fag December 16, 2005
1: the stuff monkeys throw at each other and later sniff for pleasure (think of it as monkey cocaine)
2: crap
Those monkeys are throwing feces at each and then smoking it!
by PlayDohMan April 23, 2004
The primary sexual lubricant for homosexual men.
Kevin: You're feeling very wet tonight Ron.

Ron: Yes, well, I had Burrito House for lunch today.

Kevin: Feces!
by sjthiele November 03, 2011
A matter of fecal (shit) that is usually dipersed through the ass... see fecal japan
Look at all that feces!

Man, thats some major feces!
by Jigga April 27, 2003
(v.), (n.) a word relating to feces, also occasionally used in place of "fart". All used as an action, ex. "i have to fece", "i just went fece", "did you just fece?". Also in noun form used in place of feces in a comical nature by the immature, such as I.
(v.)"i went fece!" (n.)"is that fece?"
by the fece-man cometh April 25, 2007
Means poo poo, but can also be baby mice.
I heard they found feces in the boys locker room...

What are feces?

Baby Mice!

by Danno April 06, 2005

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