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A famous troll who has been spamming channels on IRC for about 3 years now. Nobody can figure out why he does it - it doesn't annoy anyone, and he almost always gets banned, or sometimes even g-lined, within seconds of joining a channel. His style is simple: he joins a channel, and spouts off all of the synonyms he can think of for "poop." He goes by a variety of nicknames, all of which relate to poop, including excrete, manure, diarrhea, turd, stool_sample, and many more. Not sticking to one particular channel or group of channels, he joins a wide variety of channels - usually by following an op who has banned him from another channel. He has been seen on all of the major networks and has been g-lined from all of them on more than one occasion. He can be mildly amusing at times, so if you need a quick chuckle, keep your eyes open for someone who matches this description!
excrete has joined #linux
<excrete> feces
<excrete> manure
<excrete> bowel movement
** excrete takes a dump
**excrete has quit IRC (killed (piggy (feces troll)))
by scatological January 11, 2010

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