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Chris - AKA MoFo - AKA Shit Fucker
MoFo is a damn dirty fecalfiliac. he loves the shit!!!
by Larry December 31, 2003
5 8

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some who is emphatically obsessed with poop, fecal or doo
Fecalfiliacs areoftenfound hanging around with Doophytes
by Roy Munson April 06, 2003
7 6
Also known as parents of babies and small children. All they fucking talk about, besides leaky breasts and cracked nipples, is poop and snot and vomit and ear wax. Gross. And people wonder why I don't want kids.
My friend is a fecalfiliac ever since she had a baby--all she can talk about is shitty diapers.
by Jennaleigh August 14, 2003
2 7