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For whence a young boy shat upon another roomates carpet. Only to find his mother cleaning your crap off of thier new carpeting, only to know (Don't worry, I shit myself in an elevator)'
scrub scrub scrub "don't worry - scrub scrub - I shit my self - scrub - in an elevator" scrub scrub!
by Nick and Sean March 25, 2004
A human being who is more obsessed with a greasy brown stain in their butt crack, than what it takes to be a "relatively" functioning person in a democratic society.
Just because I gambled and lost doesn't mean that I can't go to church anymore. Everybody poops--unfortunate that everbody can't laugh at other peoples misspoopings--
by Seaniapolis March 26, 2004
n., a large volume of incidents involving both The Q and some type of shitting. The Q is still adding to the files, such as recently when he shat upon a blue tarp in a homeowner's back yard.
"Last night after eating at Efrains, I thought I might be adding to the fecal files! "
by Chuck January 28, 2004
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