1. Term used to describe something cool or fresh.
2. A name given to a dime piece.
3. When someone sprays to much Febreze in a room.
1. "Man did you see the new Jordans, they are febreezy!"
2. Phil "What do you think of Shannon, bro?"
Thomas "She is febreezy, no doubt."
Phil "Agreed."
3. Upon entering the room after class,
Alex, "This room is febreezy!!"
Jill, "Yeah, I went a little crazy with the Febreze."
by NewNikes May 05, 2010
the act of sucking on a man's dick until ejactulation, wherein the receiving individual sneezes the semen into seperated portions of semen
"Dude, Dan gave me such awesome head, but it all changed when he let out a huge febreezy on August."
by John Twinkletits March 19, 2008
(noun): meaning that a person is dumb or stupid; a derogatory term.
Shutup you stupid febreezy!
by Crrusherr September 20, 2007
a word used to describe an act of suprise
Person #1 - "Hey man, i hears we got to come into work this weekend..."
Person #2 - "Oh febreezy? I could use the extra money"
by The Original Hot Rod August 13, 2005

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