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Slang for fecal matter, ass residue, small granules of shit, or the small invisible smelly fecal matter on your hands after a dump. You can't see it but you can smell it.
He did not wash his hands after using the bathroom so the dirty ass probably has feaks on his hands.

Thats feaked up!

by Simon Tag May 18, 2007
20 28
A fine looking girl, a "ride"
your sister is a feak
by Barry o Driscoll January 21, 2004
55 42
When one attempts to pass wind and wet feces remnants leak from their anus in the process
Person 1: Foof did you fart?

Foof: No I feaked.

Person 1: Best wash your pants then they'll be rather brown.
by Schnood October 20, 2013
6 0
Getting that fucked up at a weekend you can't remember it.
Fuck my life... did a feaks last night.
by YerMawsGotToes May 03, 2011
1 0
(n.)- 1.An extreme annoyance
2. a certain individual that refuses to leave you alone; an unworthy, geeky person that's barely worth your time.

(usually used as an insult)
"You Feak! You just killed my dog!"
"You Feak! You're breathing my air!"
by SquirrelGal July 16, 2008
12 15
A soft caress (usually under the table at dinner) using a foot, in a creepy manner
urghh stop the feak-age creep!
by creep-police July 25, 2009
5 11
Contraction of feeble and weak
Bush is a pretty feak president.
by Mr. J. Jones July 26, 2006
24 31