used in place of the F word.
You can use it as an insult, but may NOT say "Fawn you."
Used to describe something displeasing or frustrating.
"What the fawn?"

"That person is such a fawn."

"This is boring as a fawn."
by KatieCoo March 18, 2007
Top Definition
1. A young deer.
2. Pretty young girl.
3. Color; a grayish yellow-brown to moderate reddish brown.
4. A submissive behavior in order to gain favor. To flatter, a compliment.
1. "Look! There's a little fawn over there in the nice, green, meadow."
2. "Yeah, she's a real fawn."
3. "This makeup is for people with fair-colored skin. It's called 'Fawn'."
4. They fawned over the newborn baby.
by *Bee* August 12, 2006
n. An attractive girl.
Man, you see them fawns up there?
by James Dannelly April 08, 2006
the name Fawn was given more in the 70's

Fawn is a sweet, open minded, polite, almost innocent person

Fawn is a person that is very compassionate and will help anyone in need. a very quiet, shy person until she warms up to you. she has a temper but you have to push her far before seeing it. she has a tendancy to be a very horny person with a romantic nature but believe me she can be a freak. she has a tendancy to want to spoil her partner. she will stand her ground but will hear other peoples beliefs, ideas, or thoughts.

a person with the name fawn will be a best friend, helpful and kind, and she will stick up for you no matter what. unless you you screw her over to many times then watch out! she has no problem speaking her mind but usually softens what is said.

the word Fawn can be used in place of hot, sexy, or slammin'
1. damn she was so fawn at first but now.......daaamn shes all over it.

2. awwww how sweet shes so fawn

3. i can't believe how fawn that chick is
by diggumstat May 12, 2010
A girl who is always outspoken. She will speak her mind with out giving a fuck of what you think of it. Fawn is a great friend. She is very sensual and isnt afraid to tell everyone. She can be a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed when the time is right. Dont cross her or anyone she is close to or youll regret it for sure! Fawn is very vedicive. Piss her off and your lible to get bleach in your contact lense case!She is a girl who will turn you on then walk the fuck out if you talk about feet. She is very motherly and totally wild.
fawn will tell you--Im sorry but you need to go take a shower because your crotch stinks!
fawn will say--I need dick!
fawn will offer--You need something? What can I do to help?
fawn will yell--Bitch Ill kick your ass!
fawn will scream and run while saying--Gimme my food stamps bitch!
by wildfallenangel March 15, 2010
Abr. Fucking Awesome Wife, Nigga!
Ex: My FAWN is trying find another woman to have a threesome with!
by bee zee September 09, 2014
A low key version of a stag (bachelor) party. The approach is generally thoughtful and very precise, but the result will be shots (also called Fawns) and at least one person having to bail as a result of getting too excited.
I had an amazing time at the Fawn last night - much classier than a stag.

Hey, have you seen the Fawn? He's wasted!
by fawntastic October 28, 2011
Fake yawning, intended to determine if a member of the opposite sex is checking you out.
"I'm gonna fawn real quick before I go talk to her. If she starts yawning, I know she's been looking at me and wants to be harrassed."

"Dude, please stop trying to fawn. You just looking like a middle-aged stroke victim with paranoia."
by David B Weingarten September 10, 2011
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