An adjective used to describe anything or anyone that is F-ing Awesome.
The Kramer knows that she is fawesome.
by Red_Head July 10, 2008
Top Definition
short for "fuckin awesome"
Dude, did you see me hit that dolpin with that egg... that was fawesome!
by Bubba October 13, 2003
When it's so beyond awesome that it's fucking awesome, it enters the realm of fawesome.
Dude, your monkey's fez is fawesome!
by Jeff Macpherson September 05, 2005
means fucking awesome. adjective.
"That roller coaster was fawesome!"
by phibitz November 16, 2004
1) word used by Zahler in Scott Westerfeld book "The Last Days" Words also used fool and fexelent. To break away from the mainstream and express his creativity Zahler puts the letter 'F' infront of adjectives. Or he simply might mean the definition below.

2) fucking awesome
1) RandomPerson: Fawesome shoes; where'd you get 'em?

2) same example applies
by Dara Helaina January 07, 2008
F'awesome pron: "four-some" adjective, informal
literally: Fucking Awesome
1 Really good
2 To have f'awesome qualities
3 To be more f'awesome than another subject
4 To be the most f'awesome

1. "This pie is f'awesome!"
2. "Chocka block with f'awesomeness!"
3. "That's way f'awesomer!"
4. "that's the f'awesomest!"
by charleeweb January 19, 2007
A convenient contraction for f***ing awesome. F'awesome is character convenient for micro-blogging sites such as Twitter, and can be used around small children.
Did you see that play in the baseball game last night? It was f'awesome!
by Cubsgirl1974 June 04, 2009
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