Fourty ounce of urine flavored beer.
"Ya'll got any fawdies up in here?"
by D11388 August 21, 2005
Top Definition
a slurred (often due to crunkness) version of the word 40's, or 40 oz containers of malt liquor, such as colt 45, olde english, steel reserve, or miller high life.
shit son, lemme get down on them fawdies.
by Reynold July 29, 2005
40 ounces of urine-flavoured beer. Typically colt 45 or olde english. Preferred beer of black men.
"We don't want no Budweiser, just bring us tha dayumn fawdies"
"Y'all got any fawdies up in hurr?"
by Johnny Crack December 04, 2005
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