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Surinamese word for the blending of a whole sentence into one (1) word. The sentence is actually a question.

"Fa a libi e waka?" --> Fa waka?
Literally : "How is life walking (going)?"

Meaning : "How are you doing?"

This is "wakamang" language, the slang language in Surinamese language from the streets of Suriname. Youngsters like to pick up words like these and use these words from the streets amongst one another.

"Fawaka?" is used among peers and never used by a youngster to an adult. That would be considered rude and very impolite.

An adult using the word "Fawaka?" to a youngster places himself in the sub culture of the youngster and would do so to get closer in terms of trust etc.
Boy 1: "Fawaka?"
Boy 2: "Allright!" (would actually respond in surinamese)
Boy 2: "Fawaka?"
Boy 1: "Allright!" (would actually respond in surinamese)
by Caatje July 07, 2009
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It means: How are You?
Steve: haay!
Louise: Hey
Steve: Fawaka?
Louise: fine:) and you?
Steve: Good
by Mii December 30, 2004
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Surinam for How your doing.
-Hee swa, fa waka?
Kanker chill, je weet toch!
by Bokma April 24, 2005
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Synonym: Fakka
A man or a woman who thinks hes very cool.
They think that their living a "thug life"
they make weird looking hand gestures
they dress like idiots and are not ashamed, with hats that are way too big for them or too small so it is just sitting on their head
they ARE ashamed for their looks to older people (especially the folks of their girlfriend.)
they also make images in photoshop with themselves in it but they look very shitty and cheap, with alot of solar flares.
The interests of fawaka's are:
1. Money $$ and bling bling to show that they have it
2. Girls
3. Respect
4. Cars and "pimping" them so that they think that everybody respects them
5. Hip Hop
Fawaka-1: "Yoo fawaka"
Fawaka-2: "Yo thug"
Fawaka-3: "respect"
Fawaka-4: "westside"
Fawaka-5: "eastside"

by Keesje September 14, 2006
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