A form of sexual intercourse including the use of various industrial solvents. Known for dangerous and often life threatening positions and locations, including the "floppy drum" and often performed in the of circular saws
"She gave me a favor last year, I just got out of the hospital"
by bill December 15, 2002
Top Definition
refering to eather a male or female giving oral sex.
can you do me a favor; I'm so nice i love doing favors for people.
by Anthony Yates November 18, 2005
Slang word for drugs. Can be shortened to "faves" as well.
I am out of party favors at the moment. Can you get me some?
by The L World December 08, 2007
A Favor can be defined in many different ways. You can do sumone else a favor by listening when they tell you to shut the fuck up. You can also ask for a favor when you dont have any toilet paper left. The common favor asked there would be,"May i please recieve some TP?" You can also do yourself a favor by relieving yourself of bodily waste. You can say to yourself, "I Think im going to go drop the Cosby kids off at the pool." And yes that implies taking a dump. Think about that for a second...
"Hey John, i see you enjoy talking a lot during movies but can you do me a favor and shut the fuck up?"

"Hey Lou make sure you tell your wife ill return the favor for the great time last night"

"If only i did myself a favor and stopped being obese by putting the fork down"
by Meech March 28, 2005
People who look similar; look alike
Tyrone sure does favor his mother. Girl, they look just alike!
by Jubie H April 23, 2006
short for party favor (party and play PNP), crystal meth
ive got favors to share for a hot pnp top
by sexy000 January 12, 2007
asking for head or face
ME: Honey can you do me a FAVOR?
by rach July 19, 2004
this is what Bk Niggason asks for! Sometimes, instead, you can say "brains" it means "can you give me head?"
"Yo, so when you gonna be doing me my favor bitch?"
" Let me get some brain!!!!"
by just a curry loving bitch February 08, 2004

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