Last name of a famous female singer known mostly for her Spanish singing. Largely popular in Hollywood, but well known for her lovely appearances in Pershing Square, Downtown Los Angeles. She has collaborated with artists such as Shakira, AFI, Incubus, and Aaliyah for true music moments. Many of her fans recognize her as "Rocky" or "Poprocks". They also have compared her to the sugar you find in a red starburst.
Oh have you heard Favela's new hit single?... I'm definitely bumpin' this when I be cruisin' down Sunset Boulevard!
by BigBadBRYAN December 13, 2010
Top Definition
A Brazilian ghetto, the toughest neighborhoods you would ever want to find yourself in. Makes American ghettos and barrios look tame. Even the police are afraid to enter.
Tourist: Hey, we should go check out those shanty towns, they look interesting.

Brazilian: That's a favela, you'll get fucked up, ignorant American.
by paulista July 15, 2008
Ghettos in Latin American countries. They are commenly located on hills surrounding cities and consist of dirt roads and shanty houses bunched together. People there are extremly poor and crime is rampant, because cops never go there.
City of Gods in Rio is a favela.
by hbi September 18, 2004
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