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One that dresses promiscuously, is overly flirtatious, and has a slutty outlook upon social interaction, but is ultimately prude.
Bro, shes got a fat ass and a hot rack...its too bad shes a fauxwhore.
by partnersNcrime May 01, 2013
0 0
A flirtatious person that gives the vibe that he or she is promiscuous, but has never actually engaged in any sexual acts.
I'll give you ten bucks if you get that faux whore to sleep with you.
by Toy December 01, 2005
23 2
A prude individual who dresses like a whore but will not give anything. Also an individual who is skanky in publib but won't make out with their boy-friend for 3 weeks.
That faux whore? She runs from any guy who wants some!
by ur inner frat boy June 02, 2006
7 3