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1) Someone who lives their whole life believing that they are Canadian, when they are not.

2) Someone who wants so badly to be Canadian that they pretend to be. A wangster of sorts, but Canadian.
"My whole family is from Saskatchewan, and I thought I was too. Then my mom told me I was adopted. I'm a faux-nadian!"

Pablo: "What's up, eh? Do you like my Maple Leafs Jersey, eh?"
Kevin: "Dude, stop trying to be Canadian, you're just a faux-nadian."
by BR00T4LB4BYY April 08, 2010
When someone who isn't Canadian
a) Celebrates a Canadian holiday to get off work (e.g. Canada Day)

b) Talks with a pseudo-Canadian accent (e.g. Minnesotans)

c) Pretends to be Canadian overseas to avoid the hassles of being an American (e.g. George Clooney's character in Syriana).
John: I can't come into work tomorrow so I can celebrate Canada Day.
Pete: Oh yeah? You're not even Canadian! More like fauxnadian! I'll see you tomorrow.

John: Let's get some beers, eh?
Pete: Stop being a fauxnadian.

Pierre: Stupid American!
John: Oh yeah? I'm Canadian you stupid frog!
Pierre: Well then let me get you a baguette!
by Brandon St. Randy September 04, 2009

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