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Falsely claiming to be of a lower socio-economic or working class in order to appear humble, hide true wealth, dodge responsibility, or deflect criticism about an easy life.

Portmanteau of 'faux' and 'proletarian' - fauxletariat can be used for a collection of fauxletarians.
He is such a fauxletarian! He makes 90k a year at an easy corporate job, but rages against the machine and goes on and on about his working class credentials.

She likes to tell everyone she is a starving student, but sends her mother's maid to the thrift store for 'real' clothes. Fauxletarian!
by Grinding August 31, 2010
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1. presenting something/one's self as pertaining or belonging to the proletariat.

3. a purported member of the proletariat.
That hipster fronts like he's working class, but really he's as fauxletarian as they come.
by aejae April 28, 2010

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