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One who fauxhips. Generally engaged by Apple fanboys and, to a lesser extent, any iPod owner who happens to be in front of a brightly colored wall when a trendy song starts playing.
Bob wanted to seem cool to his friends, so he grabbed the nearest top 20, his earbuds, and fauxhipped in front of a white wall. Everyone knew he was a fauxhipster, since everyone knows you don't fauxhip in front of white.
by fauxhipster July 13, 2009
A person who dresses like a counter culture hipster but actually embraces main stream and moderate believes.
She has a legit bible verse tattooed to her, what a faux hipster.
by sometimesifaint March 17, 2008
When one gives off the impression off being interesting, artisitic, cosmopolitan, progressive, different and witty but really it is a victory of style over substance. They dress in the highest of indepdendent fashions, they ooze this abstract indepedence and trendiness. They are generally aesthetically-pleasing but as soon as you spark a conversation with one of them you soon realise it is all a facade to cover up the lack of personality, wit, creativity or intelligence. These are the pretentious middle-class imposters who flock to inner-cities because they think they will fit in.
by SomeGuyCalledSomething July 28, 2010