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Conforming to a safe, middle class lifestyle but with the superficial pretense of an alternative or Bohemian lifestyle.
People who live in Stoke Newington or read The Guardian may like to believe they maintain the values of their radical student days but the shallowness of their fauxhemian conceit would quickly be revealed if they were expected to sacrifice some aspect of their comfortable lives.
by Johnny S. April 01, 2003
A trend in which folks pretend to live out the lives of poor individualists, while maintaining their financial security, and often using it to carry out this fantasy.
Speaker 1: Did you see Celebrity X wearing that bohemian shirt?!
Speaker 2: She probably paid $200 for it, that's sooo fauxhemian
by autovatic September 19, 2005
Someone who tries to project the image of a bohemian, but is a poser.
Dude, lets go to Starbucks and check out the fauxhemians.
by A R Wilson January 02, 2006
Fauxhemian, or fauxbo, refers to wealthy people and places that carry a pretense of artistic sophistication. Fauxhemians think they are artsy, when really they are more fartsy, as their great wealth and comfortable lifestyles keep them from authentic expression, familiarity with the street, and any real impetus to truly oppose the system (since they still benefit too much from it).
Hipster #1-"Shopping at Whole Foods does not make you an intellectual. There isn't even a decent music venue in this town."
Hipster #2-"Yeah, Pasadena is so fucking fauxhemian."
Hipster #1-"Yeah, let's go to Glendale, that's where the REAL revolution is gonna take place."
Hipster #2-"Fuck yeah, Glendale is indie-tastic!"
by Alan Gamboa April 16, 2006
Dressing in bohemian clothes when, in fact, you are a millionaire.
The Olsen twins pretend they are in Rent.
by Shannon March 28, 2005
One who imitates the look of bohemians, but is just a poser. A faux-hemian pretends that they just "throw" their messy outfits together, when really it took them four hours at Urban Outfitters.
"Ugh, did you see how hard X is trying to be boho?! She thinks she looks like Mary Kate... but I know she gets up at 5:00 to be ready for school at 7:00. What a faux-hemian!"
by a neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie February 10, 2006
A conformist passing herself off as a nonconformist by going to great lengths to conform to an allegedly nonconforming alternative conformity rather than conforming to the mainstream conformity that she thinks is stiflingly conformist.

Marked by a notable lack of originality and creativity, an absence of genuine artistic talent, and carefully maintained escape routes so that she can give up the game when it stops being convenient.
It costs her a lot of money to look so down-and-out." "Yeah, fauxhemianism is an expensive lifestyle.
by DancingKali March 24, 2011
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