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n. folds of upper thigh fat on an obese woman which superficially appear to be the vagina and obscure the actual vagina. There may be mutliple faux-ginas in one crotchal region.
"I thought I was retracting the labia but it turned out to be a faux-gina" "Her vagina was hidden by her faux-ginas"
by Crotchalsurprise August 09, 2009
18 1
Synonymous with fleshlight. Shaped like a flashlight, but you have sex with it. Made for male masturbation.
My girlfriend wasn't putting out so I went to the sex toy shop and bought a fauxgina.
by Joules1111 April 28, 2007
41 7
When a male decides to change his sex and surgically gets a vagina where his penis was, it is called a faux-gina
that man had surgery to replace his dick with a faux-gina.
by fake vagina May 31, 2011
2 4
A synthetic vagina made from the scrotum or penis tissue, usually from a transsexual seeking gender reassignment. The testicles are removed from the patient, and then either the penis skin is pushed up inside of the person, or the ballsack is made into a vaginal cavity. Vulva, clitoris, and labia can be fashioned from penis tissue.
Now that I am a freshly minted woman, my male partners can stick their junk in my fauxgina. It may not be real, but it is spectacular.
by LooseyGooseyBaby January 21, 2010
3 6