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Small amounts of baking soda or some other imposter substance, sold as if it was cocaine to unsuspecting or naïve buyers.
Poor Katy. She got ripped off by some dodgy street dealer who sold her $200 worth of fauxcaine. Everyone was so pissed - and now all I can smell is baking soda.
by Tom Terranova September 12, 2007
Something that, once on your face, looks like cocaine, even though it actually isn't i.e. flour or powdered sugar.
Guy 1: "Dude, are you on drugs?"
Guy 2: "Nah, this is fauxcaine. I was eating powdered donuts."
by Demondays May 19, 2011
Cocaine substitute available for around £50 a gramme but containing 0% Columbian marching powder. Ingredients can include sodium bicarbonate, chalk, baby teething powder, baby laxative and other adulterants.
Usually contains benzocaine, lignocaine or other pharmaceuticals for the numbing effect, sometimes stimulants such as amphetamine, ephedrine or caffiene.

Purchased by those too ignorant or drunk to tell the difference between the real thing and a placebo.
It's Friday night and they're all sticking fauxcaine up their noses, convinced they must be having a good time! Mugs.
by chimtec March 13, 2011
A cocaine-like substance one snorts when trying to look cool among their peers. Most commonly seen as pixie sticks and/or caffeinne.
That bitch think she's hot, but that's just fauxcaine she's snorting.
by Adam April 18, 2005
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