fauxhawking is when a guy ejaculates into a womans hair (or only bangs if hair is to long), and styles it into a stylish fauxhawk.
"hey, you'll never guess what, yesterday James and i were having sex and ha wanted to cum into my hair, so i said "sure", then took his hands and styled it into the sexiest fauxhawk!!"

"OMG!! i love getting fauxhawked!"

---- fauxhawking
by sexyblond October 08, 2009
Top Definition
when a guy and a girl are having sex and the guy cums in the woman's hair, then he styles it into a stylish faux hawk
ella: last night me and john were having sex he jizzed into my hair and then he styled my bangs into a faux hawk.

sarah: wow i love getting faux hawked!

--faux hawking
by sexyportia September 30, 2009
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