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a douchebag who throws money around to appear rich in order to impress dudes/chicks but is actually just in debt up to his eyeballs
"I hate that tool belt, he buys his girlfriend a car, pays for everybody's drinks at the bar last night, and keeps talkin' about how he's the VP of jackin' off CEOs and meanwhile the guy's 20k in debt. What a faux riche fuckwad."
by RichRichard September 22, 2009
noun, verb or an adjective meaning

1. Classy realness, as opposed to pretending to be rich.
2. Lavish experiences and the possession of expensive items acquired at a fraction of their market value through creativity, knowledge and skill.
3. People who pursue beauty and decadence at no cost.
4. Occasionally the ‘faux’ is silent.
It was so faux riche when we bought a vintage Rolls Royce on Craigslist for less than the price of a used Honda.
by Dr. Decadence May 31, 2013
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