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An amazing and weird girl with a great sense of humor. She's beautiful and you can't not agree with it.
You're so lucky to be a Faustina!
by Jesse Walsh September 14, 2013
A rare combination of heavy-duty intellect and everyday naivete that belies the meaning ("fortunate") of this arcane name and connotes the inexplicably lucky streak required for such an individual to survive life's challenges
It's a Faustina-ic situation

She's such a Faustina!

It's an example of Faustinicity.

It was a hairy situation, but I managed to do a Faustina!

Faustina-pitous coincidence
by Freia February 04, 2010
An extremely beautiful girl who is liked by many people, very smart and caring, athletic and surprising at everything she does. She can make anybody laugh and loves to smile. She is not like any other, she's amazing. She has friends that are incredible. She's so much fun and likes to take risks. She's a girl that laughs. And laughs..and laughs. A Faustina is when somebody is always doing something that you never expect or that is random, you just can't help but to laugh too.
Wow! She MUST be a Faustina!! She's just so incredible and amazing!!
by stefano nico October 21, 2014
An incredibly beautiful girl who may act awkward but has a great personality once you get to meet her. She also has a great sense of fashion and always knows what to get. She's shy, and that's what makes her so stunning and noticeable. Make a quick move and be there for her. In addition she's very smart and can easily fuck you over when it comes to a test.
Faustina is just too cute c:
by Walkway December 28, 2014
A complete and total bitch!
You are SUCH a Faustina!
by Mandy November 19, 2003

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