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Man's natural bias of blaming a fart on the fattest person in the room...
As long as society continues to indulge in FATULENCE, Porky Patty will always be blamed for Skinny Sally's butt puffs.
by Tex Davis May 16, 2008
pronoun,adverb, descriptive of both cause and effect of obesity and flatulence.; a passing of human poop molecules in a gaseous state at a velocity and volume which crates an audible flapping of the accumulated fat deposits,hanging skin, scrotum(male),labia(female),cellulite,even the textile underclothing wedged into the crack of an obvious overeater. Makes room for more of the same enviromental disturbance.
I could hear the fatulence of the girl I slept with last night, I've gotta quit drinkin!
by terryzz February 15, 2009
Defined as a fart-like noise originating from air trapped in between fat rolls lubricated by sweat. Often heard emerging from obese people leaning over to tie their shoes or pick up the tv remote while wearing a speedo.
Bob's fatulence scared away the dog when he bent over to pet it.
by They call me Domingo November 29, 2010
A grotesquely fat person who farts alot
Not only does your fatulence disgust society, it is also an eyesore
by Irish Klettner January 16, 2006
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