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a grotesquely fat man, usually with low IQ and little to no friends.
Fatty McButterpants across the street wants to know if he can have a beer.
by chris king-a-ling January 22, 2007
Possibly the best thing you can call a fat person.
Hey Fatty McButterpants, are you going to down that Big Mac™?
by Kadman February 28, 2006
obese people how think they are still skinny thus having to use butter to slip into their pants.
Hey stev why dont you use country crock to slip into those fatty mcbutter pants
by fatty mcbutter February 04, 2009
1.) One who indulges one self with a grossly amount of desserts
2.) a person who says "derricious" often
3.) lard
4.) a person who smiles and jumps up and down when they see or think of food.
5.) a person who points to another person calling them a Fatty McButterpants
Meng: cookies and ice cream?
Mike: Fatty McButterpants
Sam: Ooo! Ooo! I want some!
Brian: anyone want some lard?
by nom nom nom. more pleassssee January 21, 2009
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