awesome and cool while being extraordinarily different. big and sweet
I gotta take a fatty shit!
That's a fatty wave.... SWEET!
by Miles Bolkin September 03, 2004
an insult, used to insult the fact that you have a big ass or take up alot of room
word of advice if you are a fatty, sell shade, you make lots oo money if its hot out.
out of my way fatty

how about you roll over a choke to death fatty
by thebassmachine July 07, 2004
a lot, much, very big.
I hit her and now she has a fatty bruise.
by Me September 16, 2003
a fat sack o' weed that is at least 2 in. thick (also look upblunt)
Yo there is this nigga who had a fatty the size of his fingers combined
by Kottonman April 11, 2003
A blunt
Light a fatty fo' dis pimp daddy.
by Anonymous November 21, 2001
A friendly way to get the attention of a friend. In case you have to call you friend over that is what you would use.
Hey Fatty! Get over here!
by Jennuhfuh January 03, 2006
Someone who is obese or overweight. It can also be used to insult the non-obese/overweight when insults are on short supply.
Jake; he's a fatty.
by Ryan April 06, 2004

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