Alex Cavanagh Madge the Spanish Pigeon
"Man, did you see that Fatty Waddling down the street before?"
"Yeah! She was such an Alex!"
by Er...Lola... November 05, 2006
a lard arsed fat so.
"Jen ate so many mudcakes, she's a fatty"
by Gary Knoll October 20, 2006
Often used to describe a girl's big butt. Sometimes used in a pickup-line.
Damn!! that bitch got a fatty! Damn girl you got a fatty,let me holla at you right quick.
by Nick@Nite May 13, 2006
a female's fat ass coochie
man that girl got a fatty, her coochie needs to go on a dick diet
by mr. dillinja April 12, 2006
A measurment of size meaning of great magnitude. Derivation: A big joint.
Man test was hella fatty.
Have you seen that fatty bastard. He must weigh 3 hundred pounds.
by anonomous. May 20, 2005
a word used to describe a woman's rump, especially when it looks nice
sskiptomahlue22: yo my girlfriend has such a nice fatty, i let her drink my "wang tang".

rob91: yea fo shizzle, that shit so tight its almost "tonky" dawg
by gene the ghetto machine, rob c February 02, 2005
big, esp. in san francisco
she just rolled a fatty blunt.
by georgina miller October 09, 2004

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