Someone who is not fat, but eats a ton. They should be morbidly obese because of how much food they eat, but are somehow miraculously skinny.
Kojo eats a box of donuts after every meal. How is he not obese?! What a fatty.
by Kornelius Jonesworth February 18, 2013
1.A short and thick penis.

2. A large dubie.
1. I walked into the stall and saw a fatty sticking out of the glory hole.

2. Pass the fatty dude!
by Sheldon J. Plankton May 18, 2014
used to describe a large amount of dip or chewing tobacco
yo what kind of dizzle you got?
I got that mint son.
hook it up with a fatty then!
by natilight October 24, 2007
To define greatness of a particular event, object or person. (adjective)
"Sir, I do believe that is a fatty burger"
"Really!? That's awesome, let me have a bite!"
"Man, I took the fattiest dump"
"Oh boy, you sure did"
by Coitey January 13, 2010
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