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Someone who is not fat, but eats a ton. They should be morbidly obese because of how much food they eat, but are somehow miraculously skinny.
Kojo eats a box of donuts after every meal. How is he not obese?! What a fatty.
by Kornelius Jonesworth February 18, 2013
9 8
A term for a slutty looking cheap male or female, who are really ugly when they think they are hot. Doesn't need to be fat, to be a fatty.
"Aww man that chick with the short skirt is such a fatty"
by Bonni Wanamaker April 17, 2005
21 30
A synonym for lips. It is usually used in a derogatory manner.
"Shut your fatties."
by Whit Smith February 06, 2005
22 31
A big dick
Suck my fatty asshole
by Mike August 03, 2003
15 24
One of three types of females. Can either be of the grande variety, regular variety, or small variety. Known for their insatiable hunger for booze and a good time.
Fatty loves to drink the beer on any day of the week.
by A#1 skinny November 10, 2003
2 12
(Noun) Just another word for big, fat, floppy boobs. Also a great nickname for friends if you want to piss them off.
Holy hell that chick has some massive fatties!!

Hey fatties! How ya doin? (say this to a guy to be most effective)
by Brian October 13, 2004
24 35
one who is grossly obese and has a mass that is real big ya heard me
Hey fatty you ate up all the snacks
by smitty May 06, 2004
10 22
A hott gyal wit a hott job, hott body, hott bf, hott booty, hott taste, hott life...... juss plain HOTT!!
DAMN she wun fatty gyal!!!!!!
by JeNnY October 04, 2003
5 18