It's a fatso and very very ugly to the point where no guys would like it. It sucks at everything it does and calls itself smart even though it cheats off people.
It's a fatty
by fattymcfatfatty November 17, 2008
A characterisctic...
Used to describe a person that freaks out about things of little or no importance.
Chicken little was a fatty...**omg, it's a leaf on my head, "THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!!!!"**
by ..D................... October 24, 2008
a large amount of weed rolled into a slick looking blunt
"hey jim go grab the weed, im thinking a fatty is in order."
by myc2g April 04, 2008
a name for a erect dick eg. gone from a flop to a fat one
ohhh that chick is so hot she gave me a fatty
by fat one November 02, 2007
An abundance of a substance (normally used for smoking most commonly used is MARY JANE) rolled in a paper.
"Man i just rolled the most biggest fatty ever"

"The fatty was so big Snoop Dogg would have a hard time smokin' it"
by Oakland Raiders May 04, 2007
Alex Cavanagh Madge the Spanish Pigeon
"Man, did you see that Fatty Waddling down the street before?"
"Yeah! She was such an Alex!"
by Er...Lola... November 05, 2006
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