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a fat, nasty woman who thinks she is just the sexiest thing on earth.

usually a fatty patty is the fat chick who wears booty shorts and belly shirts, you know, the ones you go 'EW PUT THOSE AWAY!' at.
Kelly: ew look over at that girl in the booty shorts!

Jake: what the hell, shes one ugly fatty patty!

Kelly: seriously, she needs to put that shit away! gross!
by pussybear November 11, 2007
15 12
She's large and in charge!
Whoa there, Fatty Patty is one hell of a hefty heffer. If you're into large ladies then this beefy broad is just for you. With three monstrous love holes Patty will satisfy your every need and more.
Foot pump recommended but not included.
scorpion loves his fatty patty.
by PoGo January 28, 2005
89 25
A common name given to an inflatable adult novelty.
Colin: "Mike, c'mon, I'll sell you Fatty Patty for three bucks and it's not even been used once!"
Mike: "Wow, what a deal!"
by MACHone Inc. October 06, 2005
31 16
A fat woman's vagina. It appears as a large mound connected to her giant belly fat which creates a second roll in her pants.
"Where is her pussy at?"
"She has a fatty patty."
by godlovesugly November 09, 2007
21 14
a fat ugly girl. usually older. usually saggy tits.
"dammm you guys see that fattypatty?!"
" sick, ya she was a fattypatty."
by danbobop September 10, 2006
5 1
someone thats big or fat
ey mark, look at dat fatty patty she cant get in her car!
by bayshit November 14, 2007
8 6
Those MD Chatters Todd and Frothy are fatty patties!!!! Living proof Denny's food is lard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't see all of Todd and Eric's nasty stomachs in those chat party pictures... They were too huge to fit in that picture I guess. I'm sure they are even bigger fatty patties now!!!!
by anti_yeah_who_chee_f_it March 05, 2005
6 5