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a fatty patty mcnasty is most often referred to as the nastiest looking and most oddly shaped women clearly over 400 pounds who usually has obsessive compulsive disorder in more than one case and continuously starts a conversations with,"hiya would you like to take a dump on my chest while i finish eating my bean burrito." And 67% of the time her name is Patty... everytime!!!! See the following for usage below.
I went to Hollister to buy a water polo tee shirt to wear for the other bros. I went to the food court to get a basic taco. There i scanned around and saw patty from school. she ordered 15 in depth and detailed bean borritos and was wearing grey sweat pants. Grossssssss!!! i felt absolutely sick looking at fatty patty mcnasty scarf down her food and whipe her greasy fat fingers on her face.
by rusty bridges March 23, 2008
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