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Fatty Packs- The fatty 'rolls' on the sides of the human body, typically found on a female.
This term originated as "Love Handles". Love handles are nothing to love, no one does, no one ever will, these handles of love are simply packs of fat hanging off your sides. Hence, the fatty pack. The fatty pack may also be referred to as the "muffin top" as the packs of fatties form the shape of a muffin top especially when low rise jeans are worn.
Man, my jeans are too tight & now you can see my fatty packs hanging over the sides. Gross.
by The Sphinx November 09, 2006
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A roll of fat that flaps over the top of pants, lookign like a fannypack.
Dam! That chick has a huge fattypack!
by cbtchy October 26, 2010
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