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Catch-all term for marijuana. Comes from the name of Tom Bombadil's horse in Lord of the Rings.
yo wassup nigga let's cruise the burg and blaze it up on some fatty lumpkin
by whateverrrrrr September 30, 2007
(n.) 1. a terribly physically obese individual. Also operates in a relative sense -- a thick or chunky person may deserve the appellation when compared to a more slender individual. Generally, a jovial way of describing a fatass. 2. description of a fathead, a jobbernowl, this is the more caustic and widely applicable meaning -- esp. effective for an obtuse, arrogant type.
3. "lumpkins" may be replaced by a proper last name, see example 2.
Lee had a thing for chunky girls. "I am going to get all up in that Fatty Lumpkins tonight, man!"

"Whoa! I can't believe Fatty Crumpler just hurdled that tackler..."
by Michael May 16, 2005
1. Term used to describe a rather large and lumpy joint (marijuana cigarette).
2. Term used to describe a rather large and lumpy female (huge bitch).
1. If you're not doin anything, maybe we can go for a cruise and smoke this fatty lumpkin.

2. Fatty lumpkin I'm gonna get a blumpkin, fatty lumpkin she's the one for me!
by MDO August 01, 2006
1. A terribly obese individual.

2. Marijuana
"Whoa, you see that fatty lumpkins over there?"

"I sure do, and she looks good!"

"Gross dude! I wasn't talking about the fat chick, I meant the ganja on the table."

"Ooops, that's what I meant too!"
by MayMay08 April 22, 2007
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