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nice round ass
i have the nicest and fattest ass around
by patralatifa November 19, 2003
23 23
a fatty girl has a nice big round ass
damn fatty girl, in those jeans your shape is beautiful!
by sophie September 01, 2003
94 40
A girl with a fine round booty.
J. Lo
by G-Dep May 08, 2003
58 32
A girl with a big ass
Jennifer Lopez is a fatty girl
by Who Else? April 02, 2003
38 28
a chick with a fat ass
Man..she is a fatty girl!
by Cynthia April 17, 2003
5 5
a gril or woman with a big ass butty also knone as junck in the trunk or a package can also be refired to as a fatty boy
mansa or jlo
by nicole October 02, 2003
12 38