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Something that you call someone who is NOT fat. You want to make fun of them, but you do not actually want to insult them. You don't want them to take it to heart so you call a very skinny person a fatty fatty boomba latty, as a joke. It can also be used as just a nickname. It is not recommended, however, to be said to any female, large or not, as even the thinnest of girls are extremely self conscious about there weight.
Josiah: Bahaha, -sarcastic- Oh yeah I'm SOOO fat.

2. Merlin: Hey fatty fatty boomba latty why isn't the internet working?
Roberta: Because it's disconnected, it will be fixed in a few minutes.

3. Skinny Girl: Heya fat lard!
Skinny Boy: Hey fatty fatty boomba latty.
Skinny Girl: Hey shut up! Seriously, that's not even funny. I know I'm fucking fat, fuck off.
by PenisEnlargement April 06, 2009
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