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A large beast of a women with a swagger.
Hey fatsy, how's it hanging?
#beast #women #large #swagger #fat
by Arthur F. June 26, 2007
Fatsy is a term when describing someone of upper rank, or superiority in actions. Like, clothes or demeanor. When saying some one is fatsy you are telling them that they are nicely put together in a very superb way.
"Wow, he is so fatsy!" When seeing a delicious man in a tux with very wonderful hair, and air.
"I wish I were as fatsy as her..." When addressing a woman who is obviously much better put together than you.
#fancy #nice #well done #regal #glorious
by T-Shrooms April 13, 2010
a type of boy that people would love to ride on the back of their harely with.
a fatsy is also known as a klaus
a fatsy may have a cute face, however, not a slim waste
a fatsy tends to be conceited and think their attractive and thin.
#fat #unmuscular #ugly #chubby #not slim
by bradley. December 13, 2007
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