somebody that has low mental capacity due to smoking too much weed
"oi FUCK, harvey you are the dumbest FAT NECK cunty lips i have ever seen, fork out for $5 of fuel you cash leg white neck"
by Nizzla September 04, 2003
A retard. Someone requiring special attention. Someone acting like an ass\.
Look at the fat neck in the wheel chair.
by Mike K January 14, 2003
a human with an excessively large or fat neck. a person with double chins & then more fat to add with that fat.
Wait until he moves his lard fatneck out of the way.
by squirtmouth October 29, 2015
Someone who has a neck like a rolled up duvet.
Even wearing a rosary the fatneck looked like she was being strangled by a piece of elastic.
#mattress #fat slag #butter #minger #pepsi
by Lotty July 06, 2015
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