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one who fucks fathers
My mom is a fatherfucker because she fucked my father.
by kwang June 25, 2003
The Upside Down Middle Finger. F-You times 10!!! The Worst Hand Gesture There Is.
When you're driving and you need something more then the middle finger...Father Fucker
by FatherF'er August 31, 2008
n. A variation on the popular "motherfucker", a fatherfucker is one who fucks one's own father, essentially the female context of motherfucker, a fatherfucker may be male however, not only implying incestuous deeds, but homosexuality as well. Loses its value on the wife of a father.
Come here georgy, daddy's got a little present for you.... IT'S A HUGE DICK!
Fuck you dad, im no fatherfucking fatherfucker!

fatherfucking fatherfuckers fatherfuck fatherfuckers.
by Why the fuck do i need this? October 15, 2010
A term redefined as a catchphrase for Glaswegian comedian Frankie Boyle, on his sketch based comedy show "Frankie Boyle's Tramadol nights", termed by one of his sketch show characters, an abusive cowboy, who first termed it when asking th ausidnece to choose an actor from "Brokeback Mountain" they'd rathe fuck, Heath Ledger or Jake Gyllenhaal, and after getting a strong feeling of Heath Ledger, says he would have chosen "The guy's wife you FAGS!" saying that he gave those two names as suggestions, then invites the "Fags" to come fight him saying "Bring your life partner, cuz I'm gonna show you heavy, Fatherfucker!" the phrase has now stuck with the character for, presumabely, the series.
Any a'you guys wanna come fight me, go ahead, cuz I'm gonna show you heavy Fatherfucker!
by srvciple December 11, 2010
Vulgar Slang, based on the word "Mother Fucker". Used in refference to a person who is attracted to men who are much older then they are (old enough to be their father).
Lee was called a father fucker.
by OneBadAsp October 27, 2006
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