A literal mother fucker.
My father is one big motherfucker.
My mum's a father fucker.
My fucker fucked a dad and a mom yesterday.
I am a fucker.
by CREAM (look up band) July 02, 2014
an asshole who has no fucking idea on how to raise you and thinks he knows best when he really dosent know shit about you because he spends all his time working, drinking, smokeing, and watching tv in his room and he needs to step the fuck off my life.
me: aye mom can i go hangout with ********?
mom: sure but ask your father
me: aww man
father: no.
me: i havent even asked the question yet...
father: answers still no, because im your father and i have final say in everything
me: ......
by one pissed off person May 23, 2012
person who fucked you mother and created YOU!
your father had a night with your mother in the hotel on their first date, and CREATED YOU accidently because the condom is broken.
by Chris Yang February 23, 2004
Less useful version of a mother, but also includes a dick...
Father, can I have some cash

Go ask your mother!
by DaddysLittleGirl May 31, 2010
The rationally-thinking parent. Helps you solve the strangest problems, unlike the mother who just whines at you.
Me: So get this: I've got this homework assignment in biology that requires me to use the book. However, we only have a class set, and they're not to be taken out of the class under any circumstances.

Father's possible response: Hmmm... so if you can't take out a book, how are you supposed to do the assignment? Maybe if we looked up the information online...

Mother's possible response: Great, now you can't do the assignment, which means you're gonna get a 0, which means you'll fail and will have to take the year all over again!

If I could choose who I wanted to live with, I'd choose my dad. Then again, I'll never be able to see my best friend again... Such a dilemma...
by Tisteca February 11, 2008
1). a cash machine
2). taxi driver
3). present giver
4). resident nagger
i need a lift to town, ohh an can you give ******** a lift 2?
by hee hee November 17, 2003
1: a male parent.
2: someone to avoid dating at all costs because of aforementioned parenthood.
'I was on a date with this guy I met last week, and things were going okay until he mentioned that he is a divorced father of two... since I want absolutely nothing to do with kids I left right away and haven't seen him since.'
by Child Hatter May 08, 2003
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