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Fat + Gayass....lol
My best friends, boyfriends, roommates, cousins, moms, second cousin twice removed,(who is, by some freaky ass chance, my brother) is such a Fatg!!!
by Elizabeth April 16, 2004

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chirps dat foam foaming foamy gash odt on par ting
foaming at the gash - a chirps of the highest proportions, expelling of fluid from the vagina
eg1 :
Morgan: "Hey George! I want your dick!"
George: "so much fatg"

Tom: "Hey Caitlin it's been a while what have you been up to man WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME"
Caitlin: "er tom you got a lil bit of mucus on my shoes, allow your fatg"

Seth: "I am fatg for Adele"
by cityoflondonBRRRAP February 07, 2010
Misspelling of the word "fag."
"lol you fatg"
by Panocha007 June 08, 2003