-an act of God

-divine intervention
That wasn't coincidence that was fate you atheist faggot.
#fate #faith #divine #intervention #god #super natural
by I see GOD'S work all the time March 30, 2010
a big fucking queer who lives in hamilton, ohio
fat-e, suck my dick you faggot
by beavis March 17, 2003
Something that is weird and freaky, but can bring two people together :)
Nate and Allison had different paths, but they crossed anyways because of fate.
#fate #random #not random #feat #ftae
by mehbleghblegh May 17, 2010
1)the series of events that`s supposed to happen to you. when messed with, can recieve consequences or will do nothing whatsoever unless taunted everyday.
2)a sister of karma, daughter of time.
"fate is one long railroad track. whenever you jump out of a train and onto a new one, you`ll always end up on the same track." --arianne (aka me)
by breatheyourAIR May 05, 2005
fucking awesome the end
person1: Damn thats pretty cool.
person2: No dude that shit is F.A.T.E.
#fate #f.a.t.e. #awesome #cool #bad ass
by Spike Dammit November 10, 2009
No matter what you do or happens to you, whether how good or bad, wonderful or stupid is all what life leads you to (fate).
A friend of yours slaps you in the face and said it's not his fault because it's fate. You slap your friend's face back and said it was fate that leaded you to do so, and all these goes on.... all in the name of fate.
#stupid #unreal #why #what #wrong
by Cheeky Smiles April 14, 2011
My fat roommate from freshman year whose name started with E.
Oh my God, I hate Fat-E.
by K Girl February 17, 2004
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