n. an engagement to go out socially with another person, often out of unspoken or unknown romantic interest.

intr. v. (rare) fated: to go or meet on fates
They were fated.

(fake date)
"Dude, I saw you with that special someone yesterday. Are y'all dating yet?"
"No, we're fated, but I can't tell if she's into me."
"How long have y'all been fated?"
"Not long. Yesterday was only our third fate."
"That's mup dude. Normally I can tell by the second fate."

The two friends went on a fate because they were not sure of each other's romantic inclination
by Topher F. February 16, 2007
A Cruel, Ironic, Bitch-Goddess.
oh wait someone already said that
by fate August 29, 2004
"Fate determines the charecter" long ago 'Sophocleas'

a Greek philospher proposed the theory.However the

subject is still a debatable issue,some says "man is

capable enough to make his own destiny"but some

are still stick up with this theory.But there is one more

group who advocate that "human life is totaly a fusion of

fate and struggle".A man's destiny is always decide

by supernatural power ,even sometimes we might have

heard that "fortune favours the brave"but exceptions

are always open.Sometimes we even curse our fate

when our bat time is running,so directly or indirectly

a human destiny is releated with god.Once the theory

of fate get going with anyone's life then "Airstotle's"

theory of tragedy prove wrong where he feel pitty and

terror about a man when he faces the tragedy.

so what is the unique defination of 'fate',i belife nobody can

define 'fate' in concrete terms but only can assume the

power of destiny,the ultimate thing of luck is it comes

of own and at anytime.
Fate never supports one to grow but yet there is someone who does support!!!
by adam 65 May 04, 2005
Plan, Story, an excuse used to free one of responsability.
Jack chose everything that he is going to do in his life, Then he lived it, through dejavu he remembers little bits of it before they happen, now jack has no real choices to make as he made them already
by niak32 October 19, 2003
the name of the guy who is screwing you over
I hate fate. it aint fair.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 27, 2005
Is a fucking asshole; a hateful entity, insistent on ripping perfect, beautiful things to shreds. I owe it thanks for one thing...but that is all.
If Fate exists as a physical entity...we shall find her. And we shall kill her.
by Leiko October 10, 2004
A Cruel, Ironic, Bitch-Goddess.
Everyone's lives are controlled by Fate. This is why they suck ass.
by Rei April 28, 2004
A combination of Fuck, and date, meaning a fuck date. Basically when a man and woman hang out solely for the purpose of having sexual intercourse.

Man, Taylor and I had quite the fate last night!
by conor b. September 08, 2006

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