n. an engagement to go out socially with another person, often out of unspoken or unknown romantic interest.

intr. v. (rare) fated: to go or meet on fates
They were fated.

(fake date)
"Dude, I saw you with that special someone yesterday. Are y'all dating yet?"
"No, we're fated, but I can't tell if she's into me."
"How long have y'all been fated?"
"Not long. Yesterday was only our third fate."
"That's mup dude. Normally I can tell by the second fate."

The two friends went on a fate because they were not sure of each other's romantic inclination
by Topher F. February 16, 2007
A tree randomly falls down for no apparent reason while you are having a bad/sad conversation.
Dude...the tree just fell over for no reason...fate is telling us we're making a bad decision. Trees don't fall over for no reason when something good is happening!
by T-Man24 June 15, 2010
serendipity love and fate
a chance meeting of two individuals, meant to be together.
by J.Watts April 10, 2005
Fate is a child, who likes to play games. Fate is a demonic creature, who pretends to be helping you. Fate is hiding in the corner laughing at you while you wonder sadly, 'why and how did all this happen'.
It's just FATE.
by leo804 January 12, 2009
v. to "fucking hate"
Someone: "Dude, I fucking hate my life."

Someone else: "I f'ate you, too."
by The True Genius October 28, 2009
(faux date) When a male and female do an activity together (dinner, go to the park, movies, bowling, etc.) but are not on a date, especially when they are not interested in dating. When two guys and two girls do this, it is referred to as a 'double fate'.
Person 1: So, I hear you and Bob went out on a date.
Person 2: Oh, no, it was just a fate.
by jayneisagirlsname September 30, 2009
is an elegant, cold-hearted whore
fate controls everything; fate SUCKS!!
by shelbyy December 05, 2005
the rationlization for when bad things happen to you (ie: being dumped, etc.)
jenna: he dumped me and i want him back
lori: if youre meant to be youll be together, just not now. if its fate then youll be together if not its not meant to be.
jenna: oh ok since fate exists everything is ok now.
by Jenna December 30, 2004

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