To undoubtedly conquer your partner duing sexual intercourse. This is not a term to loosely throw around and describe everytime you have sex. This term should only be used to describe those times when you know for sure you killed it and she is left speechless and almost in an intoxicated-like state.
I racked up 2 new fatalities over the weekend. Get on my level.

Did yall fuck? (Yeah) How was it? (Fatality) Nuff said pimpin!

by tone bone January 21, 2007
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Awesome move done in Mortal Kombat when the big voice guy says "Finish Him!"
And you obliterate your opponent
"Finish Him!"
"Sub-Zero Wins , Fatality"
by Rane May 08, 2003
A move you do in a dance club (taught by Urban Tea in Clubbin' Techniques 101) that involves coming up behind your partner, putting your right hand on the right shoulder and bending him/her over. Preferrably him.
"I was dancing with this chick and I hella fatality'd her."
by exProphecy July 28, 2008
When you die from a car accident, murder, food poisoning, abortion or any other unnatural cause.
A- I had a fatality the other day
B- That bites
by Kristen Frazier May 04, 2006
to destroy in a brutal action
Jon**at**: dude, emily kissing him is a fatality
by APugs June 29, 2004
The car accident resulted in 1 fatality.
by Donny21644102 November 01, 2008
When you violently disembowel a rival at which Shao Kahn/ chuck Norris( whichever is avalible) claims you won
Finish him! (fatality) you win, FATALITY!
by Reedy28 March 03, 2012
Extreme disappointment or displeasure in a situation.
Man, I was at the casino the other day on lost 3,000 dollars after winning it. That's fatality son!
by Ole_man_stetter December 12, 2010
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