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big explosive shits
Dude Fran was telling me at work about her having the fat shits!!!
by fe"male" July 10, 2008
It's a self esteem club where you all call each other fat shits until you feel better about yourself.
Eliza, you're such a fat shit.
Jess, you're a fatter shit!
Doesn't matter, Maria's the fattest shit!
by Jesykah McCloskey February 21, 2008
when a person is large and you dont like them
look at liam the fat shit
a gignamously huge peice of shit, the kind that breaks your fucking butt hole when it comes out
fat dump
by LoserBitch February 19, 2005
Extremly fat weak person with extreme hair length, commonly found at computer
Hey fat shit you wanna come to towm?
uhh i'd uh rather watch arsenal get beaten by norwich
by Not_wearat October 22, 2004
See bmoc
BMOC you useless fat shit.
by Jason Scott February 27, 2004
James Martin of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Who is that Fat Fuckin Slob?
Oh, That's James...
by Big Doc February 09, 2005