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1. A long ass time. (Requires extra emphasis on the "fat") Typically used to refer to how long you've been waiting on someone, often for drugs. The fat minute delay is usually caused by a girl named Kat blowing a Xany with the money she just made off of you.

2. Also can be used in the abstract to refer to a long period of time as in several days or weeks.
Ex: 1

Fiend: Here's 50 bucks go get those dog bones.

Kat: Ok, I'll be right back.

Fiend: (After ~ 15 minutes) You were in there a for fat minute.

Kat: *sniff* Ya I know right, the bitch was all barrd out and just kept counting them over and over idk..you should like smoke with me or somethin for getting these for you. *sniff*

Fiend: Ya... I'll have to hit you up later.

Kat: Bet.

Ex 2:

Fiend2: Dude we haven't gotten barred out in a fat minute, you should hit up Kat.
by Wichititty February 18, 2012
a really long period of time
I haven't smoked in a fat minute
by RickJones November 12, 2007