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The reason I find Abraham Benrubi way more attractive than Jude Law.
"I mean it; the quarterback's all yours. I'm more interested in the tackle; he's got that whole fat man's charm thing going on."
by Qit January 13, 2004
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The Art or talent of being a complete fatty, and still being able to whoo, white women, and bump they heads,

Originating in 1996, the act usually consists of being a fat shit, but using all of his exterior sensory modes to convince stellar, non fat bitches, to hop in the sack with him.
(person 1) Yo, did you hear Jon bagged "so and so" ?,

(person 2) hooo, ya damn right, he be bringing that fat mans charm, and they can't contain themself.
by Jon Himself March 13, 2003
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A man with a gut so perfect and round ladies are drawn and want to touch just like Buddha.
Jim's fat mans charm got him laid again.
by bad2tone2 September 10, 2003
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