A person who is fat and lardy. An insult, sort of. Sometiimes a term of endearment.
Person 1: You're such a fatlard....!
Person 2: *runs away crying*
by the fatlards August 22, 2009
Top Definition
Some one fat, lazy and wierd. They have alot of lard and can be very fat. A diss to someone who is a fat lard, is a fat face.
You fat lard stop it!
by zak March 24, 2005
Term used to refer to a very large overweight person who is disliked or quite annoying. Usually used as a revenge phrase to shut up a fat person after they have annoyed you
Hey, i heard you were getting a new phone!

No, shut up you Fat Lard!
by Rossco The Phrase Coiner April 16, 2009
extremelty fat person or animal. so fat that they have extreme cases of lard in them.
william hickson
by Morgan Rennie May 15, 2003
A person who is overwhelmingly immense, whose shadow can create a "lipid eclipse", who decides to take up all four corners when told to hide in a corner, and who lacks self esteem.
Brian D. tends to be a fatlard.
by Big Beto November 13, 2007
Someone who is fat & just sits on the couch like a fat lard.
Ewww, look at that fat bitch, Michelle
. She's such a fat lard, always laying there & eating.
by Shortyyy3054 November 02, 2014
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